Hello! My name is Marena, and I am a recent Cum Laude graduate of the University of Georgia. From UGA, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in Mass Media Arts and a minor in Film Studies. As an alumna of Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, I flexed my typing skills by writing for publications such as The Red & Black, CollegeFashionista, and St. Marys Magazine. I also took classes on other forms of writing such as screenwriting, playwriting, and prose. During my last semester, I participated in an independent study where I am studied transmedia storytelling and how storytelling can be created through the use of a variety of media.

Besides participating at UGA, I have studied abroad at the University of Oxford where I was fortunate to live in Trinity College, study with Grady and Oxford professors, and study in the Bodleian Library and some of Oxford’s best tea shops.

I have also been a Cast Member at Walt Disney World by participating in the Disney College Program in the Spring 2015 and Fall Advantage 2016 semesters. I worked at the four theme parks, the water parks, and the property hotels through the Entertainment Department. This past Christmas I was also a member of the Cast Member Choir for the Candlelight Processional where I was able to sing with Jodie Benson, the voice of Ariel in Disney Animation’s The Little Mermaid. Besides working, I took Creativity & Innovation and Disney Heritage, classes offered by the Disney College Program. In Creativity and Innovation I actively participated in expanding my imagination, creative thoughts, and artistic actions in the everyday setting. Disney Heritage was where I learned the history of The Walt Disney Company and its start as an animation company that grew into an ever-expanding entertainment empire.

This past May I graduated from the oldest public university in the United States. I plan on progressing my creative writing besides working as a freelance writer publishing at Paste Magazine and also by working separately for Fast Copy News Service, a freelance company.

Thank you for visiting!


P.S. The pictures on this website are mine and were taken in England when I studied abroad. The cross photo on the “Contact” section of my website won 3rd place in a photography competition at UGA in 2015.