My name is Marena, and I am a May 2017 Cum Laude graduate of the University of Georgia. From UGA, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in Mass Media Arts, and a minor in Film Studies. As an alumna of Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, I flexed my typing skills by writing for publications such as The Red & Black, CollegeFashionista, and St. Marys Magazine. I also took classes on other forms of writing such as screenwriting, playwriting, and prose. During my last semester, I participated in an independent study where I am studied transmedia storytelling and how storytelling can be created through the use of a variety of media.

Besides participating at UGA, I have studied abroad at the University of Oxford where I was fortunate to live in Trinity College, study with Grady and Oxford professors, and study in the Bodleian Library and some of Oxford’s best tea shops.

I have also been a Cast Member at Walt Disney World by participating in the Disney College Program in the Spring 2015 and Fall Advantage 2016 semesters. I worked at the four theme parks, the water parks, and the property hotels through the Entertainment Department. During the 2016 holiday season, I was also a member of the Cast Member Choir for the Candlelight Processional where I was able to sing with Jodie Benson, the voice of Ariel in Disney Animation’s The Little Mermaid, on Christmas day. Besides working, I took Creativity & Innovation and Disney Heritage, classes offered by the Disney College Program. In Creativity and Innovation I actively participated in expanding my imagination, creative thoughts, and artistic actions in the everyday setting. Disney Heritage expanded my knowledge of The Walt Disney Company’s history–its start as an animation company that has grown into today’s ever-expanding entertainment empire.

Last May I graduated from the oldest public university in the United States. Now I am a staff writer for Fast Copy News Service, a freelance company based in Athens, GA,  contributing to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, HGTV.com, Travel Channel, and other publications while progressively working on my creative writing. You can find my journalism work and creative writing on this website.

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P.S. The pictures on this website are mine and were taken when I studied abroad¬†in England. The cross photo on the “Contact” section of my website won 3rd place in a UGA photography competition in 2015.